The Best iPhone App for Learning How to Read Thai

There are many iPhone apps that try to teach the Thai alphabet or how to read the Thai script. But Reading Thai is really the only app that gives a complete introduction to reading the Thai script. Some of the Thai alphabet apps in the App Store are very poor quality, and they don’t even […]

The Best Way to Learn How to Speak Thai Slang Words & Dating Phrases

Have you been learning to speak Thai and want to learn some colorful, outrageous phrases that you won’t find in a textbook or travel guide? You can learn lots of Thai slang on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad with the Speak Thai Slang app. All of the phrases were recorded with a native Thai […]

The Best iPhone App for Learning to Speak Thai Phrases

Are you planning an exciting trip to amazing Thailand? You may wonder which is the best iPhone App for learning to speak Thai phrases for travel. We think the Speak Thai Sanuk app is definitely the best because it has so many useful phrases with audio from a native Thai speaker. These are phrases that […]

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