The Best Way to Learn How to Speak Thai Slang Words & Dating Phrases

Learn how to speak useful Thai dating phrases with the Speak Thai Slang iPhone app

Learn Thai dating phrases with Speak Thai Slang iPhone app

Have you been learning to speak Thai and want to learn some colorful, outrageous phrases that you won’t find in a textbook or travel guide? You can learn lots of Thai slang on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad with the Speak Thai Slang app. All of the phrases were recorded with a native Thai speaker. And not only do you see the Thai writing in a large font, but there is also helpful romanizations complete with tone marks. You can learn all sorts of crazy Thai expressions, swears, and put-downs. Some of these you don’t want to ever say to somebody because it could lead to a fight, but they are still good to know so that you can understand what people are saying in Thai TV shows and movies. There are also plenty of phrases for dating situations which might really come in handy. If you’re a fan of the Thai language, you really need to check this app out.

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Read Some Customer Reviews of Speak Thai Slang from the iTunes App Store

“Couldn’t be better – This is a GREAT app. My Thai GF loves that I’ve picked up some of these phrases an laughs when I use them. She can’t believe that I’ve been able to say such phrase or words. They are 100% accurate and great to use.” –Charles Bonfanti, USA

“There is some really accurate Thai slang in here that will go a long way towards keeping your Thai vocabulary current” –Dci1812, USA

“Very funny to learn some words to surprise My gf.” –Sandgoria, Sweden

“Good app for the price. Good usability and information layout… Congratulations.” –dominicke, USA

“ดีมากๆ – I’ll have fun with this.” –GRAHAM MARSHALL, Australia

Download Speak Thai Slang from the App Store 


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