The Best Korean Phrases iPhone App

The best iPhone app for learning to speak Korean phrases

The best iPhone app for learning Korean phrases

What is the best iPhone App for learning to speak Korean phrases? We think our Speak Korean Fun Phrasebook app is the best because it has many useful phrases with audio from a native speaker. The Koran script is displayed in a large sized font so it’s easy to read if you’re tying to learn to read and write Hangul (Korean script). We included lots of phrases for ordering food because eating is such a big part of any travel overseas. But don’t just take our word for it.

Download Speak Korean Fun Phrasebook from the App Store  speak korean fun phrasebook iphone app

Read some reviews of the Speak Korean Fun Phrasebook iPhone app left by customers on iTunes

“Gives a feel for the language. My Korean student who is living with us gets a real kick out of our attempts at speaking Korean. :))” –jfletch, USA

“I find this app tons of fun to use. It helps me learn some Korean, and teach my family and peers.” –WiteAzn, Canada

“It is fun to learn Korean language through this app!” –Sim1700, Malaysia

“This App is very helpful when learning Korean. If someone is learning Korean I recommend this app.” –VILPA, Canada

“Great! Enjoy Korean basics in one day!” -by BunnySG, Singapore

“I love it. Best of the best Korean language apps I’ve ever used. ” –Sakura Fujimoto, USA

“Good place to start learning the basics.” –Eggheaduk83, UK

“We are taking a trip to Korea soon and this app will be very helpful! It’s really easy to use!” –Kevin McDonald, USA

“Excellent!!! Must buy for all those Korean wannabees – Can’t find any other better app to learn Korean than this one here.” –Big_Nhan, Australia

“It does a simple task thoroughly and simply. It gives a foundation of basic Korean language. Luckily, they have a large list of phrases/words to last you a while. They also show a phonetic Romanization and the original Korean (Hangul). In addition, they have a clear voice that you can hear with a click of a button so you know of you’re saying it right.” –David from Tacoma, USA

“This is a good application to learn basic Korean words and phrases.” –Aub13740, Australia

Download Speak Korean Fun Phrasebook from the App Store

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