The Best iPhone App for Learning to Speak Thai Phrases

The best iPhone app for learning to speak Thai phrases

The best iPhone app for learning to speak Thai phrases

Are you planning an exciting trip to amazing Thailand? You may wonder which is the best iPhone App for learning to speak Thai phrases for travel. We think the Speak Thai Sanuk app is definitely the best because it has so many useful phrases with audio from a native Thai speaker. These are phrases that are going to come in very handy during a trip to Thailand. The Thai script is also displayed in a large sized font so it’s easy to read if you’re tying to learn to read and write Thai in its native alphabet. Plus the romanization includes tone marks (Very important!). Another great thing is that there are phrases showing the different words male and female speakers are supposed to use. And finally, we included plenty of phrases for ordering food because we know from experience that eating is one of the best parts about travel to Thailand. But don’t just take our word for it.

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Read Some Customer Reviews of Speak Thai Sanuk from the iTunes App Store

“Smart choice. – Excellent Thai language App. Easy to use. Speaks the phrases and writes so you can learn both! Very helpful when I visited Thailand.” –Thaitraveler, USA

“Learn Thai – I think it great! Well, I did learned a lot through this app.” –Tilalala, Vietnam

“I live in Thailand and find this app extremely helpful. It has a lot of phrases along with recordings to help you.” –UnculturedSavage, UK

“Great tool! – Practiced my Thai with this app and now in Thailand putting it to good use! ” –Boov22, USA

“Excellent – Very happy. Does everything I was expecting.” –Rhiannon Owens, Australia

“Very Nice – Enjoy the app very much. Finding its use very helpful. Pronunciation and gender specifics very helpful” –Cedgo62, USA

“Thumbs up – Very nice app. The recordings are very good and I appreciate the male and female versions.” –vanceg, USA

“Speak Thai is effective, easy and useful. Would recommend it for any traveler.” –Geo 1014, USA

“Brilliant – Very easy to use for basic conversing.” –Irene Pollak, Australia

“Good basic thai app – Great for travelers, or anyone who wants to learn a few thai phrases.” –cabguy966436, USA

“Very helpful – This app contains many basic and useful phrases. It is helping me to become acquainted with basic Thai. Very good app.” –Nemo_Xiphos, USA

“Simple n Easy to Use – A great basic how to for beginners planning a trip to the Land of Smiles.” –B5 blck, Australia

“Surprisingly good app! – I paid way too much for Rosetta Stone and learned much more with this very simple app. No matter what other app, book or tutor you have, this app will be of assistance.” –Gary Fernandez, USA

“Very good lessons , thank you very much for making my time in Thailand easier and sanook mak, khap khuun khrap mak !!!” –DJ Holland, Netherlands

“Helped tons! – I went to Thailand for 3 weeks and a week before I went I downloaded this app and it helped me tremendously! Everyone in Thailand was very impressed with what I knew and I owe most of it to this app. Awesome! Highly recommend others to download.” –Eva Adore, USA

“Great language entry tool – Awesome tool to pick up the first couple of thai words. Covers a lot of basics.” –alikov, Switzerland

“Great place to start learning. Try learning phrases and you will pick it up in no time. This app will get you through your fist time in Thailand, no worries.” –Ladyboy 2012, UK

“Very useful – One of the best Thai-English phrase apps around. Easy to use and the transliterations are great.” –Dataaja, Finland

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