The Best iPhone App for Learning to Speak Mandarin Chinese Phrases

The best iPhone app for Learning to speak Chinese travel phrases

The best iPhone app for Learning to speak Chinese

The App Store is flooded with apps for speaking Chinese. You may wonder which is the best iPhone App for learning to speak Mandarin Chinese phrases for travel. We think our Speak Chinese Fun Phrasebook app is definitely the best because it has so many useful phrases with audio from a native Chinese speaker. We selected phrases that you will likely want to say during a trip to China. The Chinese script is also displayed in a large sized font so it’s easy to read if you’re tying to learn to read and write Chinese characters. And finally, we included plenty of phrases for ordering food because we know from experience that eating is one of the best parts about travel. But don’t just take our word for it.

Download Speak Chinese Fun Phrasebook from the App Store  speak chinese fun phrasebook iphone app

Read Customer Reviews of Speak Chinese Fun Phrasebook from the iTunes App Store

“Awesome – Very thorough phrase book. Highly recommended. Works well for mandarin learners of all levels.” –Punko77, Canada

“Great app – Very helpful for beginners at Chinese, and a must have for tourists” –Ryan3370, USA

“This app combine all necessary word you need in daily life, so it practical and easy to use in real situation” –Ampza, Thailand

“Beste app ooit voor China!!! – Ik ben voor een half jaar naar China verhuist en zonder deze app zouden mij eerste dagen me een stuk moeilijker af zijn gegaan. De basis onderwerpen zitten er allemaal in en met een beetje creativiteit kom je een heel end! Echt een top app!!!” (Google Translate: Best app ever! China! – I’m moving to China for half a year and my first days would be a bit difficult went without this app. The basic topics are all there and with a little creativity will get you far end! Really a great app!) –DLambriex, Netherlands

“Best Chinese phrasebook I have found so far. Thorough and mostly accurate to what the native speakers use” –Zoobiquitous, Canada

“Really useful app! – It’s very useful app & easy to use, love it!” –X-blueray, Thailand

Download Speak Chinese Fun Phrasebook from the App Store

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