The Best iPhone App for Learning to Speak Japanese Phrases

The best iPhone app for learning to speak Japanese phrases

The best iPhone app for learning to speak Japanese phrases

What is the best iPhone App for learning to speak Japanese phrases? We think our Speak Japanese Fun Phrasebook app is definitely the best because it has so many useful phrases with audio from a native Japanese speaker. The Japanese script is displayed in a large sized font so it’s easy to read if you’re tying to learn to read and write katakana, hiragana, & kanji. We included plenty of phrases for ordering food because we know from experience that eating is one of the best parts about travel to Japan. But don’t just take our word for it.

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Read Customer Reviews of Speak Japanese Fun Phrasebook iPhone App from the App Store

“Recommending it for every first time travelers in Japan” –bob.resmerita, Romania

“Muy buena – La verdad es la mejor aplicación para aprender japonés…o bueno por lo menos muchas frases básicas si vas a Japón, y yo si recomiendo esta app a la gente que quiera aprender japonés…. Saludos” –Pet fair, Mexico

“I totally love this app! The phrases are all set and organized, the language used is casual and relaxed, and it’s super pink (my fav!!!). ” –John&Bogusia, USA

“Best ap so far – In terms of phrases you need to know right away, this is the best ap I have found so far!!” –KK in Japan, USA

“I love this app. – I’m get into Japanese and can learn with this awesome app and I like Lady’s voice in this app. Thanks for awesome app!!!” –ヒフミヨ, Thailand

“Great App to learn Japanese –  Easy to use and you can fast to learn simple Japanese conversation.If you have Japan’s friend or go Japan, this app you must download” –IOTA[Ext], Hong Kong

“L O V E!!! – This app has inspired me to plan a trip to Japan next year!!! I love the Japanese culture and traditions and as a nation they deserve the utmost respect and praise. I’m an aspiring African American designer and model very interested in Japanese fashion and etiquette, this app will definitely help my Japanese interpersonal skills.” –dionna venus, USA

Easy and I learned a lot. Plus it’s fun to confuse my parents when I practice Japanese in sentences!!!!!!! XD” –Shinagmi Kid , USA

“Japan Here I Come – Easy to use and cute to look at. Gives me the confidence to try and speak a few words!” –Borb , USA

“Great App – I downloaded it just for fun, and ended up really enjoying it!” –Tacoloverthatsme, USA

“A great app – Great for learning simple phrases in Japanese.” –Lone $€$, Canada

“Very easy to use & helpful” –Devil reborn, Singapore

“Awesome! – Omg, this is totally the best… app for learning Japanese! The words are clear, and the pronunciation is clear as well. ” –SALLYtyb, Singapore

“I like the varied phrases, perfect for someone who is starting Japanese, to get a hang of the pronunciation.” –Ryarox, Canada

“Great – Easy to use, simple phrases that are quick to learn” –Redundantcheese, Australia


Download Speak Japanese Fun Phrasebook from the App Store


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