The Best iPhone App for Learning How to Read Thai

learn how to read thai with reading thai iphone app

Learn how to read Thai with Reading Thai iPhone app

There are many iPhone apps that try to teach the Thai alphabet or how to read the Thai script. But Reading Thai is really the only app that gives a complete introduction to reading the Thai script. Some of the Thai alphabet apps in the App Store are very poor quality, and they don’t even give you the entire alphabet, or worse they provide inaccurate information. In order to read any words in Thai you need to know much more than just the letters. Reading Thai was designed by a longtime student of the Thai language who could see what all the other apps were lacking. With the Reading Thai iPhone app, you can learn all the necessary information about each letter including:

  • The consonant class (low, middle, or high)
  • The name of the letter & the object it’s named after (with colorful photos)
  • The sound the letter makes at the start of a syllable
  • The sound the letter makes at the end of a syllable
  • Audio of the letter spoken by a native Thai speaker

After learning all the consonants, you can learn each of the vowels, including alternate written forms.

Then you can learn the various tone symbols, Thai numerals, and what Thai punctuation symbols indicate.

reading thai iphone app tone rules

Reading practice with tone rules

The next step is to learn the tone rules so that you can pronounce each and every syllable of written Thai correctly. The tone rules are based on the class of the beginning consonant, the length of the vowel, the type of ending sound, and the presence of any tone marks. It may sound complicated now, but Reading Thai organizes the tone rules very logically so it is not difficult to grasp. Furthermore, each tone rule includes many practice words with audio from a native Thai speaker. Studying this part of the app is a little bit like a Thai version of “Hooked on Phonics”. Practice this, and the tone rules will sink in.

Finally you can learn the few special rules for letter combinations and irregular spellings. After that, you can practice reading many longer words in Thai.

Download Reading Thai from the App Store  reading thai iphone app

Read Some Customer Reviews of Reading Thai from the iTunes App Store

“Great app – The alphabet and its rules set out in a clear and easy to use fashion with audio. Excellent app for teaching. Thank you.” –App-able, UK

“All you need for reading and writing Thai is in this app. Just enjoy learning!” –Gilles Royer, Canada

“One of the best of it sorts – Deserves undoubtably 5 stars I have 16 Apps for Thai alphabet bought on AppStore so I can compare LOL” –Georges Beaujean, France

“Best App for learners of Thai! – I use this App on a regular base while learning Thai. I recommend it!” –Andreas Prangl-Groetzl, Austria

“Great Apps to grasp basic Thai Scripts – Due to the tonal variation, this apps provide accurate pronunciation to facilitate quick and daily practice. Great apps!!!” –DavidChing, Singapore

“Fantastic app for learning Thai – I have tried a few and this is the best by far.” –Pushpress, USA

“Perfect – I have learned to read and write Thai from scratch using only this app. Very very good” –Bigjohnlimit, UK

“Great app, most comprehensive Thai alphabet app I’ve found” –Tiffany Attaway, USA

“Great app! – Really easy to use basic app to get you well on your way to reading Thai.” –Nel P, USA

“Very helpful – This has really helped me learn how to read Thai” –Oneballup, USA

“Nice App and Very detailed!!! – I’ve been trying to learn Thai lately… I use this app everyday to check and memorize all the Thai alphabet and now I can read many Thai words :) :)” –Sebastian Tobar, Canada

“I was looking for an app to learn the rules of reading Thai, and this is it! It covers pretty much all angles in an efficient and user friendly way… I have lived in Thailand for 7 years and speak good conversational Thai. But reading always seemed like not worth the effort. I’m finally getting down to it and making good progress with this app!” –Dan Dan, USA

“For anyone learning how to read Thai, there are those letters and combinations of letters that are troublesome because they are not very common. Or maybe they are trouble because they look like another letter or combo. Or maybe spelling rules need refreshing. For any or all of these reasons, Reading Thai is very, very helpful.” –Penguine5, USA

“Very useful reference – I’m learning to read Thai, and this has been a really useful reference tool. I like the fact that there are spoken pronunciations with the symbols.” –Cem Zobu, UK

“I can speak a decent about of Thai but I cannot read or write Thai. This program is great because when I have some down time at work I can just open the app and test myself . After 1 week I can now read and spell out the sounds of each letter of the Thai alphabet.” –Cameronb1981, Australia

“Excellent app for everyone serious about learning Thai.” –Pastis normand, France

“Best app by far I’ve found for learning to read Thai… Very comprehensive in learning to read Thai. The sections on vowels and on tones are some of the most useful and informative I’ve come across anywhere. Very clear and concise. Sections on consonants are useful too, particularly the chart indicating consonant classes.” –moon in a dewdrop, USA

“Great app! – Everything you need to learn the Thai alphabet in a simple, elegant format.” –Jim Benedetto, USA

“Great App!!! – This is a must have application for anyone who is wanting to learn Thai!!! Great help with consonants and vowels with speech and tone explanation!!!” –JokkaC8, Australia

“Excellent companion to a Thai course – I’m currently learning Thai before a visit to Thailand and am working through a beginner’s Thai language course. This app is an excellent companion, and provides a great resource for learning the (huge!) Thai alphabet. The app is easy to use, presents the information in a clear and easy to understand manner, and provides clear sound clips for each letter to help with pronunciation. Excellent value, highly recommended!” –Christopher Woods, UK

“Great app! – Very well organized and very informative! It includes audio pronunciation which I absolutely love! Well worth the price!” –Versago6, USA

“Excellent – Easily the best Thai alphabet app on the store. Goes into detail on tone rules etc. Well designed and highly recommended.” –Rcat1, UK

The best Thai reading/alphabet app in the iTunes store – The other alphabet apps are lacking in some way but this one has most everything needed: Consonants, vowels, numbers, tone marks and punctuation, tone rules, letter combination rules, and multi-syllable rules. This app can be used as a learning tool, or to look something up when reading Thai. If you limited yourself to one Thai alphabet app, I would advise getting this app over all others available at this time.” –, UK

Download Reading Thai from the App Store



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  1. steve
    September 14, 2013 at 4:16 pm #

    Hi is this app available on android? if not what is the best option for android?

    • admin
      September 14, 2013 at 5:21 pm #

      Sorry, I haven’t developed any apps for Android. And since I don’t have an android phone, I don’t know which apps are the best for that platform.


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