Speak Thai Travel Phrasebook

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Speak Thai Travel Phrasebook is an easy to use talking phrasebook app for your iPhone or iPad. Each phrase is displayed in Thai script, phonetic transliteration, and English translation. Hear the audio for each phrase in a clear, pleasant voice. Separate versions of phrases for male and female speakers are recorded or indicated where appropriate. There are a total of 586 words and phrases in the following categories:

* Greetings
* Basics
* Shopping
* Restaurant
* Hotel
* Transportation
* Places
* Sightseeing
* Health
* Money
* Entertainment
* Numbers
* Time
* Weather
* Fun Phrases

Speak Thai Travel Phrasebook is great for anyone who is traveling to Thailand. Have no problems being understood in Bangkok, Phuket, Pataya, or Chiang Mai.

Sound smart by pronouncing Thai place names correctly.

Try using some of the many phrases for ordering food the next time you go to your favorite Thai restaurant. Many phrases for ordering vegetarian food are included.

Speak Thai Travel Phrasebook does not require an internet connection. You can use it anywhere you go.

Also Available in a FREE Version!

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