Review of Reading Thai at Using an iPhone in Thailand

Reading Thai is the most comprehensive app for the iPhone that I have found so far for people learning the Thai alphabet. Other apps just give you each letter of the alphabet, but this one goes a step further and actually helps you to read your first words as well. What you get is a page that gives you all 44 consonants. You can then choose to view them in alphabet order or jump to any letter you like. On each page you have a picture associated with that letter, the class it belongs to, and the sound it makes at the start and finish of a syllable. You can also listen to a native speaker. Another screen gives you all the vowels sorting them by long and short vowels.

The next two sections cover numbers and tone marks together with punctuation. Then comes the tone rules and letter combination rules. These seem to be both clear and comprehensive in their description which should help most beginners. What is nice here over a normal book course are the samples of words which help illustrate the rules. Again you can listen to a native speaker reading these words. The last section contains quite a few examples of multi-syllable words which are read by a native speaker. There are apparently 350 words here in total. I would say that Reading Thai has everything you would need to give you a good start in not only learning the Thai alphabet but also in learning to read your first Thai words.”

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