Here are some examples of iOS apps that I’ve built using Objective-C and Swift. These include apps that I built for clients and also apps I made independently to sell under my own name.

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Shovler: Snow Shovel & Removal

Shovler is an app for on-demand snow shoveling and removal services. Users can sign up to request snow-shoveling jobs for their home, business, or car. They can also sign up as shovelers to find snow-shoveling jobs in their area to earn money.

I did a major update for the iOS version of the Shovler app. Some of the new features that were added in this update include:

  • Chat feature
  • Nearby jobs map
  • GPS tracking of shoveler
  • Detailed scope-of-work when placing a job request
  • Extensive UI improvements

Shovler was written in Objective-C, and so I kept using Objective-C through this update. If I were to start a similar app from scratch in the future, though, I’d prefer to go with Swift.

The app integrates with Firebase to use push notifications, and it has the Stripe SDK installed for accepting payments for job requests and then paying out for completed jobs to the users who are shovelers.

Shovler is also available in an Android version, which my coworker at Iglu did the update for. We’re happy to see it ready before the snow season, and interested to see how many users it gets this year. Click here to see Shovler in the App Store.

shovler appshovler app

shovler app    shovler app




Willoway Farm2U

Willoway Farm2U is an app I built for Willoway Farm, a small family-run organic farm in Southeast Wisconsin that specializes in heirloom vegetables. They also sell flower arrangements, fruit, eggs, and host events such as Dinner on the Farm. The app user can sign-up and then sign-in to their account, browse the products listed for sale by Willoway Farm, add items to their cart, and place orders using PayPal for payment. There is also an option for Willoway’s special customers, such as restaurants, to request payment by check. The backend that handles the data for this app was built using Google’s Firebase platform. Click here to see Willoway Farm2U in the App Store

farm2u-app-homescreen     farm2u-app-signup-page

farm2u-app-product-listing    farm2u-app-your-cart




Reading Thai

Reading Thai was my first ever iOS app. It is an educational app that teaches the user how to read the Thai language. The user progresses through a series of lessons starting with the letters of the alphabet and finally learning to read full sentences. In-app purchases are used to unlock new content for the user. To date this app has over 70,000 downloads between the free and premium versions. Click here to view in the App Store.

reading_thai_app     reading_thai_app_2     reading_thai_app_3


appethai icon


AppeThai is an app that I collaborated on for Iglu. It is made to educate the user about the wide variety of dishes found in Thai cuisine. They can browse dishes by category, search by keywords, shuffle to discover a random dish, and add dishes to a favorites list. The app also uses maps and location services to discover Thai restaurants nearby. Click here to view in the App Store.

appethai_iphone5-categories     appethai_iphone5_noodles     appethai_iphone6-food



Buddhist Mantra Mala

Buddhist Mantra Mala is an app that I made for Wisdom Eye Studios. It was my first app using Apple’s new Swift programming language. The app is mainly intended for use by Tibetan Buddhist practitioners, who typically recite and keep track of large numbers of prayers using prayer beads. The app uses the touch screen to mimic thumbing through a rosary string. It has options to play audio of Buddhist chants, repeat scrolling of prayer texts, and display images of meditation deities. The app uses Core Data to keep a running total of the mantra counts. The user can also import images, sounds, and text to make individualized mantras. Click here to view in the App Store.

vajra_guru_mantra     avalokiteshvara    


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