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“This colorful app has everything beginners need to get the basics down — consonants, vowels, numbers, tone marks, and those dastardly tone rules. Reading Thai nicely straddles the line between coming off as too child-like and too hard to get into. Good for quick reference, while the option that allows you to hear the letter […]

Review of Reading Thai at

“The other alphabet apps are lacking in some way but this one has most everything needed: Consonants, vowels, numbers, tone marks and punctuation, tone rules, letter combination rules, and multi-syllable rules. It has a clean design with easy to use nav, and the sound is clear and loud (the sound in some apps cannot be […]

Review of Reading Thai at Using an iPhone in Thailand

“Reading Thai is the most comprehensive app for the iPhone that I have found so far for people learning the Thai alphabet. Other apps just give you each letter of the alphabet, but this one goes a step further and actually helps you to read your first words as well. What you get is a […]

Review of Speak Thai Sanuk at Using an iPhone in Thailand

“The app opens up with the following categories: Greetings, Basics, Shopping, Restaurant, Hotel, Transportation, Places, Sightseeing, Health, Money, Entertainment, Numbers, Time, Weather and Fun Phrases… You then get this phrase written in Thai script, Romanization and also English translation. There is also a “play” button to hear a native speaker. Sometimes both a male and […]

Review of Speak Shan at Using an iPhone in Thailand

“A new app, called Speak Shan, has been released for the iPhone for people to learn a minority language called Shan. There are about 400 words and phrases in the following categories: Greetings & Basics, Family & People, Numbers, Time, Weather, Feelings, Animals, Colors, Common Objects, Body Parts, Fruits & Vegetables, Food, Eating, Shopping, Going […]

New Website

This new website for Nagaraja Rivers is now up and running. More improvements will be coming in the future.

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